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Launched MSM based 'Mentor' in liquid formulation for a plant nutrient mobilizer and output quality improver

Agro Division introduced one more non-toxic and environmentally safe product under the Brand name “Mentor” into Agro world on 1st June 2011 in liquid formulation under the Leadership of Dr. Vikas Chandak, Head- Biofertilizer. Having the advantages of performing multiple functions besides of being a Plant Nutrient Mobilizor and Output quality improver, Mentor stimulates plant growth by increasing photosynthesis acting as catalyst in chlorophyll production.

Mentor is first of its kind new generation technological formulated conceptualized and developed by Cadila. This product is completely safe to vegetables; fruits etc. and are completely biodegradable

Dr. Geeta Patel, SBU Head said "Our attempt is to provide best innovative product to farmers with an affordable price, thereby improving overall yield and income."