1992 Establishment of Agro Division
1995 Contract with VCI for lelium production
1997 Zentendescia tuber production and export
1998 Established Hardening facility at Bangalore
1999 Establishment of Biofertilizer facility
2000 Launched Tissue culture raised Banana
2005 Launched Seed raised papaya
2005 Established 3 new hardening centers in Gujarat
2007 Launched Tissue culture raised Pointed Gourd
2008 Established a hardening center in Utter Pradesh
2008 Launched Humic acid based Root boosters in Powder and Liquid formulations-CadGrow
2009 Accreditation from DBT


Launched Tissue culture raised Sugarcane

2009 Launched Trichoderma Biofungicide - CadTricho
2009 Launched Tissue culture raised Teak
2009 Launched Tissue culture raised Spine Gourd
2009 Launched Root boosters in Tablets, Powder and Liquid formulations
2009 Established 8 new hardening centers at Maharashtra, UP, Tamilnadu, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka
2009 Launched Brassinolide based growth promoter –Cadmore
2010 Launched AmiCAD a protein hydrolysate nutrient supplement formulation.
2010 Launched CAD O K a botanically derived potash that supports growth of soil microorganisms
2010 Launched CADStick, a unique non-ionic surfactant with zero toxicity
2010 Launched CADMore, Plant based 'Brassinolide' plant activity enhancer
2010 Launched CADAloo Selected Potato Tubers derived from multiplying tissue cultured plants in the field for limited generation.
2011 Launched Red Pearl, Bhagwa variety of Pomegranate TC plants
2011 Launched sulphur based 'Mentor' in liquid formulation - a plant nutrient mobilizer and output quality improver