Agro Inputs (Bio Formulation)

Bio Formulation laboratory has latest equipments and technology to produce quality products. Production is done under the strict supervision of qualified members. Biomass is grown under aseptic conditions and harvested under optimum conditions. Every input is passed through stringent quality control before using in the production. Technologies developed by reputed organizations are used for innovative products. Production laboratory has a capacity and capability to produce all products in house.


In order to inactivate all bacteria’s, viruses, fungi and spores from media and sterilize lab instruments autoclaves are used. We have three autoclaves especially for our Bio-formulation.

Media Making Machine:

We have media making machine which has the capacity of 100 litres at a time.

Laminar Air flow Units:

We have three LAFs with seating capacity of six operators for culture inoculation and processes.

Bottle Washing Room:

We have a separate area for washing, drying and storing of glassware. Semi automatic bottle washing machine takes care of quality washing process. Contaminated culture bottles are kept and washed separately. Overall cleanliness is maintained during the entire process so that there is no trace of media left in the bottle. After washing with ordinary water, the bottles are rinsed, deionized and dried. Proper provision for discarding used gelrite is available.

Harvesting Machine:

The biomass is harvested through automatic harvesting machine having capacity to harvest 180 liters. Biomass is harvested using defined harvesting media.




Tray Dryer:

The harvested roots are dry in tray dryer machine at 40 degree Centigrade Celsius till it attains desired moisture content.




Blending Machine:

Blending machine or blender is used for formulating final product. Products are blends scientifically so uniform product is available.




Raw material is stored in big silo of 20 MT capacity. It is directly connected with blending machine for final blending.

Tablet Machine:

Amongst various forms of products we have tablet also as one of the form. Tablet making machine has a capacity to produce 300,000 tablets/shift. It is state of art machine giving finest output in form of tablets.


Latest stereomicroscope with high resolution attached with camera is used for spore counts in final product. Such instruments allow us to give desired infective propagules per gram of product.

Various other instruments required for microbiological laboratory are also available with us and are operated by trained members.