Plant Tissue Culture Lab

We have a modern, well equipped state of the art production facility with an annual capacity of 10 million plants per annum. The laboratory is having  2137.12 Sq. Mtr build up area for the operations and it comprises of two main sections sterile area and non-sterile area. Sterile areas (Bio clean) is having a sterility level of class 10,000.

Non sterile area is having media preparation, plant washing, grading and packing area.

We also have state of the art plant hardening facility in 16571 Sq. Mtr. area.

Washing room:

We have a separate area for washing, drying and storing of glassware. We have a bottle washing machine which takes care of quality washing process. Contaminated culture bottles are kept separately and washed thoroughly.Overall cleanliness is maintained during the entire process so that there is no trace of used media.After washing with normal water , the containers are rinsed with deionized water and dried.

Media Preparation Facility:

Our media Preparation facility (Lab Associates LA-50/V18) is equipped with dispensing system, with a capacity of 720 liters media preparation per day.Automatic media preparation specially designed unit for mixing and sterilizing media.Improved user programming capabilities, sterile steam generator, Process control unit, heating control unit and sterile air supply has made this unit a unique plant tissue culture laboratory.

Our media room is well equipped with basic equipments like pH meter, weighing balance (electronic) , conductivity meter , distillation unit, RO water facility, etc.


Our high capacity sterilizers are with Microprocessor based automatic process sequence control system. In addition to the standard use of steam at higher temperature as the sterilizing agent, this unit also employs the vacuum system for added advantage in the sterilization process.

After autoclaving the media, it is stored for 2-3 days to check microbial contamination before use.

Quality control:

In order to maintain disease free culture, we have separate room for quality check. Every culture is checked before processing to the next stage. Our highly experienced and qualified team members do in process quality check (IPQC).

Virus Indexing:

Virus indexing for all the varieties of crop ensure elimination of affected plant before micro-propagation. Virus testing is done from the established and government accredited laboratory.

Plant Inoculation Room:

The activity of segregating and transferring cultured plant material is being done in our Plant Inoculation room. Five fully controlled and sophisticated plant inoculation rooms with total 43 laminar flow benches with a seating capacity of 86 operators. Class 10000 is maintained by fumigating the room periodically with sterilant and regular monitoring of air borne microbes. Highly skilled, trained and efficient operators handle the cultures by strictly following SOP.

Growth Room:

The growth room is designed to grow cultures with controlled light. Humidity and temperature.We have seven State – of – the art growth rooms with best accuracy and reliability. Total culture holding capacity is of 65.00 lacs cultures at a time. Growth rooms are equipped with highly modern Air Handling Units and Screw Chiller. Culture racks are fitted with the fluorescent tube lights to ensure optimum availability of light for proper growth of the cultures. The rooms are fumigated periodically to keep the contamination under control. Each growth room has capacity to maintain different temperatures. Growth room area sterility is also maintained to control contamination.


We have climate controlled greenhouses in an area of 1800 sq mt for the primary hardening of 15.00 lacs plants/cycle.Green houses are maintained at desired temperature and humidity with the help of latest control panels.Plants are monitored regularly for their growth and presence of any disease or pest. Periodical and timely spraying of suitable chemicals are carried out with proper recording and reference.

Shade house:

We have 13500 sq mt of the shade house area equipped with foggers and misters for the secondary hardening of the plants at Hirapur, Ahmedabad. We have in total of 70000 sq mt areas for plant hardening in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Pan India hardening facility assures timely delivery of the plants through out the country in time. Utmost care is taken for selection of proper tray, potting mixture, during washing of plants, waterfor irrigation. All records pertaining to transfer of plants is maintained for tracking of movement of plants.