Seedling Papaya Plants

General Information:

Papaya (Carica papaya L) is an important cash crop in India. It is commercially raised from seed and produces fruits in about a year.

Why Papaya – Madhur (Red Lady 786**) ?

  • Produce and selling more than 1.2 million seedling papaya plants in India.
  • Virus, Nematode, Disease and Pest free plants, about 6-8 week old at the time of supply.
  • 100% surety of variety Red Lady 786.
  • Gynodioecious habit of plants and bear fruits at 80 cm height.
  • Holding 18 secondary hardening centres across India for timely delivery.
  • Strong after sales technical support / services.
  • Dedicated Transportation Service.

Advantages of Papaya (Red Lady 786):


Conventional propagation
through of ordinary Papaya Plants

Madhur (Red Lady 786)

Yield & Quality





True to type, Hybrid

Fruit colour



Sweetness of fruit



Market price


Higher returns


No guarantee

Free from all diseases when supplied

Mode of Application/ Agronomy

Soil: A well drained sandy loam soil rich in organic matter > 20% is the best for papaya cultivation.

Climatic: It is tropical plant but can grow very well in sub-tropical regions.

Variety: Madhur Papaya Red Lady (786), a Gynodioecious commonly called bisexual type, exotic variety have been found promising.

Season of Planting: Feb – March (Summer), June – July (Monsoon)  and September – October (Early Winter).

Spacing: 7 x 6 ft. or 8 x 6 ft.

Days to flowering: 7 to 8 months after planting

Harvesting: Fruit become ready within 2 to 2.5 months after flowering

Yield /plant: 50 to 70 kg / plant / year *

*varies with field conditions