Tissue Cultured Products

We are known as the chief Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of the best Tissue Culture Raised Plants in India. Our Tissue Culture Raised Plants are highly acclaimed by the national as well as international clients, owing to the quality. We offer a wide variety of Tissue Culture Raised Plants at the market leading prices to the clients. Our variety of Tissue Culture Raised Plants includes Banana, Pomegranate, Sugarcane, Teak and Gourd.

What is plant tissue culture (PTC)?

Plant tissue culture is a technique by which single cell or tissue can be regenerated in to a complete plant. This process is carried out in a suitable culture medium under controlled environmental conditions of temperature, light and humidity. The advantage of PTC is that a plant can be developed from any part of the mother plant. However, meristematic tissue such as shoot tip is considered to be ideal. There are various plants and crops that can be propagated through PTC, but they often require different culture mediums and also different environmental conditions.

Tissue culture means micro-propagation of tissues of the selected Elite plants. The process consists of various steps such as Initiation, Multiplication, Shooting & rooting, Initial acclimatization is done in green houses and Secondary Hardening in shade houses where there is limited control of environmental conditions.

Advantage of Tissue Culture

Characteristics Tissue Culture
Yield High
Variety True to type
Growth Uniform
Flowering Synchronous
Market Price Higher returns
Disease Free from all disease when supplied
Availability Any time any quantities




Brand Name

Tissue Cultured Banana Plants

Grand Naine

Tissue Cultured Teak Plants

Local Elite Collection

Tissue Cultured Pointed Gourd Plants

Local Collection

Tissue Cultured Sugarcane Plants

Released Variety (Co 86032, Co 86002, Co 671 etc.)

Tissue Cultured Pomegranate Plants


Tissue Cultured Spine Gourd Plants Local Collection