Research & Development

Research and development is a back bone of any strong biological company. With his presence and popularity in need based product development, Cadila’s Agro Division Research & Development Centre, was commissioned with the  aim of having “Center of Excellence” in Tissue Culture & Bio products with new products and processes which helps to serve the customer more effectively.

Agro Division’s Research and Development Centre strives to provide advantages of latest technologies of agriculture to doorstep of farmers for better agriculture and livelihood through products which gives more scope of higher yields and protection from various diseases. With this frame of mind and activities, Cadila is able to offer variety of products in large number for almost all agricultural zones of India.

About Research facilities:

The facility has modern, latest equipments, air controlled rooms and high-end machinery to support experimentation of new product and process development.

The activities are planned, executed and concluded by highly qualified and experienced technocrats.

Before release of new product, it is duly tested in local as well on farmers’ fields as demonstration for the performance check.

Research and Development (R&D) team to develop precise and result oriented product based on need of farming community.

Research and Development is also engaged in to develop cost effective production processes to set new industrial benchmarks of production.

The R & D laboratories supports the activities required for Quality Assurance for in house production and maintain production procedure to get third party accreditations and certifications.

As social responsibilities, student of bachelors and masters are trained in the concern area for commercial aspects of university course contains. Such trainees have more focus on commercial applications of bioscience and cad serve society in better way.

About New Products development:

Plant Tissue Culture:

The numbers of new products under development in tissue culture included Agricultural crops, Horticultural crops, Forest species, Foliages and Herbal plants.

Biofertilizer :

New Products under Development:

Bio-fertilizers   :  Product to facilitate better root development and establishment.
Botanical input :  Organic nutrient supplements, seed dresser, facilitate better post-harvest storage, etc.

System Improvement :

F & D team of bio-fertilizer unit continuously works on improving the efficacy of existing products and also to develop new delivery mechanisms that would facilitate easy application and logistics.