Agro Development & Services

Field Demonstration - ‘Seeing is believing’

The basic objective is for providing field demonstration to get the confidence about the products and their results. Demonstration means “Seeing is believing”.

We are conducting various demonstration and trials on farmer’s field across India for our product efficacy, final output and cost benefit ration.

Farmer Training Programme

The basic objective of conducting farmer meet is to educate them with the latest development and changes in farming activities and to exploit their unexlored potential.

Such types of meetings create awareness amongst the farmers about cultivation of different types of crops & help them to increase their productivity in crops.

Also they gain knowledge about scientific & advanced tools of farming and their usage in fields which help them to improve their farming techniques to get better yield.

Agricultural Fair


The basic objective for the participation in fairs for highlighting agricultural activities for crate the awareness amongst the farmer about company’s products and their benefits which will helpful to them to increase their productivity.